UWOC-Toronto Takes Over the Chapel at Camp Sokil

St. John the Baptist Chapel at Camp Sokil, Hawkestone

Dianna Fedun, President of UWOC-Toronto for NP-UN, Toronto.

The 2017 summer season has ended and so the doors on the Chapel at Camp Sokil, Hawkestone close until next year. Ukrainian Women’s Organization of Canada – Toronto Branch was given the responsibility and honour to manage the weekly services and to oversee repairs since the Chapel was built in 1965. This year St. John the Baptist Chapel underwent some needed renovations to the roof. A new steel roof along with new eaves and other roof repairs were done.

UWOC-Toronto would like to thank many who came forward with donations: Ukrainian National Federation-Toronto Branch, Ukrainian Credit Union Limited, Ukrainian Women’s Organization of Canada-Toronto Branch, Mirfix Services & Production Ltd.-Family Dziwik, Eugeniusz Bodnar, Bohdan Kuszczak, Anne Fedun, Mary Pidkowich, Pavlo & Miroslawa Czurylowicz, Halyna & Miroslaw Kovalevych, Olga & John Dozorsky and Barbara & Roman Bregin. A beautiful statue of Mother Mary, which was made in France was donated and installed several years ago by Mr. & Mrs. Kovalevych.

Gates to the Chapel also required some repairs and we wish to thank Eugene Misko and his committee for their time and expertise in making the gates sturdy.
UWOC-Toronto would also like to acknowledge the dedicated services of members who volunteer to be the custodians of the chapel: Mrs. Anne Fedun, Halyna & Miroslaw Kovalevych and Mrs. Anne Rebryk. Our heartfelt thank you for your dedication.