2,000 kg of food for rural Alberta – a community success!

UCC-APC’s truck at St. Martin Ukrainian Bilingual School in Edmonton collects food donations for the food banks

Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Alberta Provincial Council.

On May 9, 2020 Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Alberta Provincial Council took the leadership to host a second Food Bank Drive to help support rural communities in Alberta during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Edmonton Ukrainian community organizations and individuals came out very strong and raised almost $6,000 in support of rural Alberta food banks! This generosity inspired local communities to raise an additional $2,500.

Although the event took place over one Saturday, it was a few-weeks project. It was true kindness, generosity and compassion that drove the people to this level of engagement.

UCC-APC organized the first food drive on April 11th for the Lamont County Food Bank and food support office in the Town of Bruderheim. This success resulted in the 600kg donation of food items to the local offices. UCC-APC donated $500 to the Town of Two Hills’ society that provided grocery vouchers to those who are in need of assistance.

Here are the locations of the second food drive:

  • Edmonton: Food Bank received close to 300kg of food and a monetary donation of $1,000 from UCC-APC member-organization Edmonton Catholic Schools Ukrainian Bilingual Parent Advisory Society (UBPAS).
  • Smoky Lake: The food drive was supported by Holubka Dancers (food donation about 350kg.) UCC-APC donated hand-made masks for Food Bank volunteers and 3L of hand sanitizer.
  • St. Paul: The drive was spearheaded by the local Ukrainian leader Amil Shapka. (Food donation – 400kg, Monetary donation – $1,250.)

We donated hand-made masks for volunteers and 3L of hand sanitizer.

  • Vegreville: The food donation drive was led by UCC-APC board member Natalia Toroshenko and Vegreville Academy of Ukrainian Dance. (Food donation – 900kg; Monetary contributions from the residents of over $1,000)

UCC-APC would like to thank the following organizations for their monetary donations for this project. It is their support that allowed UCC-APC to purchase additional food for the drive or present a cheque to the Food Banks.

  • Ukrainian Canadian Social Services – Edmonton – $1,600
  • Ukrainian National Federation – Edmonton – $1,000
  • Yatran Ukrainian Dance Academy (Edmonton) – $1,000
  • Ukrainian Women’s Organization of Canada – Edmonton – $300
  • Edmonton Catholic Schools Ukrainian Bilingual Parent Advisory Society – $1,000
  • Bishop Budka Charitable Society – $1,000
  • All Saints Ukrainian Orthodox Church and Cultural Centre (St.Paul) – $1,000
  • MEEST – $300

UCC-APC is forever grateful for the support of every individual who donated money or came out on April 11th and May 9th to show their support and care for the rural Alberta towns that hold such deep Ukrainian roots.