ACUA Holds Easter Market

Iryna Khoma with the Ethno Market display. Marco Levytsky

NP-UN Western Bureau.

The Alberta Council for Ukrainian Arts (ACUA) held its annual Easter Market at their Boutique and Gallery in Edmonton, on March 24.

Items included a large selection of pysanka writing supplies (dyes, wax, kistky), pysanka design books, paska toppers, basket covers, beeswax candles, clothing, cards, art, music, books, and food.

In addition, ACUA hosted extra artists and vendors who were selling a wide variety of items.

“It provides an opportunity for people to get everything they need to celebrate Easter,” said ACUA President Deborah Stasiuk.

The market coincided with ACUA’s latest Signature Artist Series, with a collection of pysanky by Daena Diduck and Emma Plumb, which ran from March 2 – 29.