Breathtaking Art of the Lost Decade: The Art of Ukrainian Sixties book

English edition of The Art Of Ukrainian Sixties

Olga Gurtovenko, Kyiv.

Osnovy Publishing is releasing pre-orders for the first-ever English edition of its groundbreaking book The Art Of Ukrainian Sixties.

Rich in detail and its scope, The Art Of Ukrainian Sixties lures you in thanks to the bright and brilliant avant-garde works, and then carefully untangles the undercurrents of those closely-knit (if not secretive) communities that made miracles possible in the volatile political environment.

The core structure of the book is comprised of texts on 15 artists, the key figures of the unofficial, or nonconformist, art in Kyiv, Lviv, and Uzhhorod as well as a separate, extensive overview of the Odessa school that emerged by the late 1960s, but wasn’t fully formed until the 1970s. Short monographs supplement the texts about ‘officially sanctioned’ art practices, such as graphics, monumental art and sculpture, which were also, to some extent, open to formal experiments during the era in question. The visual works have been provided courtesy of Ukrainian museums, private collectors and the artists’ families.

Carefully compiled by acclaimed art scholars Olha Balashova and Lizaveta Herman, The Art Of Ukrainian Sixties is the product of a rekindled domestic interest in the often-neglected cultural legacy of the Soviet period. Since its initial release, the book has attracted broad interest from the Ukrainian society. It is now duly considered to be a centerpiece of an extensive discourse on the late cultural heritage and its place in contemporary Ukraine in the wake of decommunization.

Now available for Pre-order.

About the Authors:

Olha Balashova is an art scholar and critic, professor of theory and history of art at the National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture. She is also the author of several educational programs and curator of multiple art initiatives.

Lizaveta Herman is an independent art curator and critic. She is also the co-founder of the Open Archive media-platform, as well as a member of many other initiatives. Lizaveta is primarily concerned with the history of art curatorship and takes a particular interest in revitalizing interest in nonconformist Soviet art.

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