Camp Bongopix: Mike and Andrea Kalimin welcome you

Ontario’s Algonquin Park is well known in Canada and beyond for its virgin nature, rich flora and fauna, beautiful clean lakes and rivers. The stars in Algonquin Park shine brighter at night than anywhere in Canada – it’s a fantastic sight! You will not see this kind of sky anywhere else – it fascinates, soothes and stimulates the imagination!

Today we will tell you about a place in the village of Whitney, near the eastern gate of Algonquin Park. Those who love both outdoors and comfort can find a cozy cabin at this wonderful place, called Camp Bongopix.

Mike Kalymin was born in Toronto. His parents, Mike and Lyuba were born in Canada, while Mike’s grandparents immigrated to Canada from various Ukrainian cities – Ternopil, Kharkiv and the area around Berestya. When Mike was only 2 or 3 years old, his parents started to take him out to camp in Algonquin Park and this is how he came to love this place from his early childhood. The beauty and uniqueness of the park struck little Mike’s heart, as he now admits: “This place got me hooked from the very beginning.”

Mike went to Joseph Cardinal Slipyj Catholic School and attended Tsiopa Palijiw Ukrainian Saturday School in Toronto. He went to the Ukrainian dance school and was an active member of Plast which has instilled him with the love for outdoor activities.

Mike and his wife Andrea Kalymin lived in Toronto’s Bloor West Village, but spent all their free time camping in Algonquin Park. Therefore, it was natural and logical for them to decide to move there permanently. Moreover, this move helped develop Mike’s passion for professional photography (Bongopix).

While living in Toronto, he worked as a professional photographer for weddings, and family and corporate photo sessions. At the new place, he also planned to shoot weddings, as “cottage weddings” were becoming popular. Mike says that if he were to redo his own wedding, he would hold it at the camping site.

The couple shares many passions: outdoors, rafting, canoeing and singing at campfires. They also have mutual long-ranging plans and a lot of zeal, energy and willingness to work hard to accomplish them.

They recently bought a spot in the Park and immediately relocated there. It still needs a lot of work but it has a lot of potential too. Camp Bongopix enjoys a large flow of tourists, because the lake is connected to Algonquin Park. They come here for outdoor activities: hiking and cycling (bikes are free of charge), rafting and canoeing (canoes are just $20 per day). And, of course, camping, including Back Country – you leave the car, take your backpacks in a boat and go down the river deep into the park where there is absolutely no civilization. But even those who come there only for one day to walk through the forest will find the place very cozy.

Mike and Andrea offer visitors five separate cabins, each of which can accommodate from 2 to 6 people and a 5-bedroom chalet – Log Home Motel. The cabins are built in the 1980’s style – it is exotic for the youth but brings the memories back for those who remember those days. They plan to add several energy-efficient houses, called “Tiny house movement”, compact and environmentally friendly. Courteous hosts can even play some guitar for the guests – although they both humbly admit that they are not so good at it.

Camp Bongopix is a paradise for those who cannot imagine vacations without fishing. The lake is rich in pike, perch and trout. And you may want to know that there are many animals around: beavers, otters, moose, bears, you can sometimes hear wolves howling in the woods.

The hosts, the Kalymin couple, are very environmentally friendly. For example, Andrea uses an electric scooter to commute to the Algonquin Park Visitor Centre where she works. The decision for Andrea to get a job nearby was a mutual one for the couple to be able to start their own business.

Mike and Andrea are planning to offer guide services in the future to acquaint the tourists with Back Country camping. They also want to focus on winter vacations, as they are becoming increasingly popular, and there are few offers in the area. In the future, Camp Bongopix is going to welcome winter fishermen and lovers of snowshoeing or skiing. Mike is dreaming to have his own brewery, produce maple syrup, poultry, etc.

Camp Bongopix’ hospitable hosts will greet you and offer you good recreation in any season. We believe that the hardworking Mike and Andrea will see all their dreams come true.

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