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Uber Canada Opens its Mississauga Greenlight Hub

New Pathway. On March 7, 2017, Uber Canada opened its new Mississauga Greenlight Hub. The modern 10,000 sq. ft. facility at 1980 Matheson Blvd is...

At Least 8 Ethnic Ukrainian-Origin MLAs Elected in Alberta

One newcomer descended from one of the first Ukrainians to arrive in Canada, another from the first Ukrainian elected to the Alberta Legislature. Marco Levytsky, NP-UN...

Team Moskaliuk Offers Design for Memorial to the Victims of Communism

New Pathway. The Ukrainians have probably suffered the most of all nations from communist atrocities, at least in percentage terms of victims to the total...

Larysa Harapyn on her journalistic experience and some pressing economic issues she covers for...

Yuri Bilinsky. New Pathway - Ukrainian News. Larysa Harapyn is one of the most prominent personalities of Ukrainian descent in the Canadian mainstream media. Journalist...

У Вітчизни ніхто не одніме мене

Світлана Гетьман для Нового Шляху, Торонто. Є боротьба за долю України Все інше - то велике мискоборство (Л.Костенко) 29 листопада у домівці УНО по 145 Еванс Ав., відбувся...