Chumak Way Cyclists View Recovery Room in Montreal Organized by UNF

    “Chumak Way” cyclists in Montreal with president Dr. Artem Luhovy (left) during the traditional welcome presented by Nelia Voitsykhiv at UNF hall. Nadia Demko

    Maria Huk for New Pathway – Ukrainian News, Montreal.

    Ukrainian cyclists of “Chumak Way” had two events coordinated by UNF-Montreal president. The first, having crossed the US-Canada border, was organized in the Ontario community of Morrisburg on August 8, where the president, Dr. Artem Luhovy, works. Ms. Janeen Wageman hosted a dinner for the eight cyclists upon their arrival. This was followed by a ninety minute Q & A at the St. Laurence Medical Centre, interacting with various medical professionals. Next morning, breakfast was hosted by Ms. Rosemary Laurin who also organized kayaking on the St. Lawrence River for the group, before the cyclists headed further.

    Cycling from Ottawa, “Chumak Way” arrived in Montreal greeted that evening by members of UNF-Montral and the Montreal community at the home of Dr. Artem Luhovy and Dr. Nadia Demko on August 11. This was followed by a meet and greet event the next day with the Montreal community at UNF-Montreal hall. Helping to organize the two-day Montreal visit were Katrusia Smolynec, Anastasia Kyva, and Nestor Lewyckyj. An interview with the cyclists was conduced for radio “Ukrainian Time” by producer, Simon Kouklewsky.

    The mission of “Chumak Way” cyclists, to inform and draw public attention to the ongoing war in eastern Ukraine, coincided with the story depicted in Montreal produced feature documentary film “Recovery Room”. The cyclists had an opportunity to have a private screening of the documentary, with the director Adriana Luhovy present. The cyclists were surprised the documentary was made in the diaspora and so powerfully grasped the ongoing war and its impact. Two of the cylcists, Kostyantyn Samchuk and Dr. Serhii Konoval, veterans of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, took part in the armed struggle in eastern Ukraine in 2014-15. The story they saw in “Recovery Room” regarding the Canadian medical missions to Ukraine, organized by the Canada-Ukraine Foundation, brought flashbacks of scenes of the war they experienced first-hand.

    From Montreal, “Chumak Way” cycling-tour for peace and support of families and orphans who suffered from the war, continued to Washington DC, ending their 10,000km North American tour which began in Los Angeles.

    UNF-Montreal’s second project was on the weekend of September 8, participating at the annual Montreal Ukrainian Festival, headed by festival organizer Greg Bedik with Maria Surzycia, and his team. A firm supporter of the Festival for 19 years, UNF-Montreal had its Festival information table, highlighting publications released in Ukraine by Mykola Kravchenko, brought in from Kyiv by the UNF-Montreal “Literaturne Studio” headed by Rosyslav Nyemtsev. Marking the 85th anniversary of the famine-genocide, Montreal-produced documentaries “Genocide Revealed” were on display. This year UNF-Montreal shared their tent with McGill Ukrainian Students Association (MUSA). McGill student, Zachary Senick, shared information with the public about the activities of MUSA, and encouraged first-year university students to join their McGill club. Graduates of McGill have been joining UNF revitalizing the Montreal branch and bringing new ideas for branch and general community projects.

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