The role of the Digital Content Administrator (DCA) is defined by their contribution to the management of the the CUTIS CUCC (Toronto) internet and CUTIS (Kyiv, Toronto) email and, as required, the management of the development, implementation and maintenance of the CUTIS website portals and websites, designed and implemented by the CUCC CUTIS Project Team.

The DCA is expected to address the IT business needs of the CUCC CUTIS office in Canada and advisory needs of the CUCC CUTIS office in Ukraine. The DCA shall provide support in the acquisition process of all IT systems, programs and devices used by the staff of the Canada-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce in conducting of business as required by the CUTIS project and shall be responsible for monitoring and assuring that all outsourced contracts are managed in a professional and timely fashion by the service provider.

In addition, the DCA shall be responsible for providing training and support to non-technical CUCC staff assigned to the CUTIS project. The DCA is expected to function productively in a demanding and fast paced business environment.

DCA position requirement is for a 25-hour work week, Monday to Friday, at the CUTIS Project office located in Etobicoke, Ontario. Some travel may be involved to local vendors.


The Digital Content Administrator shall have the following skills:

  • a balanced education/experience background in a related field;
  • good/excellent language proficiency in English and Ukrainian (i.e. oral & written);
  • experience managing content and production for a website;
  • a working familiarity with content packaging, writing, copy editing and proof-reading;
  • a working knowledge of standard CMS (Content Management Systems);
  • a basic knowledge of HTML;
  • proficiency in web analytics and awareness of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) best practices;
  • strong communications and coaching skills;
  • planning skills – ability to set and meet deadlines;
  • ability to write reports
  • a general working familiarity with business, trade and investment terminology.


  • Create and maintain a web-based export portal for Ukrainian priority industries.
  • Support activities of our CUTIS partner regarding production of publications, videos and information seminars.
  • Create and maintain a Ukrainian/English CUTIS Project website on Project activities and results.
  • Support capacity-building activities to enhance CUCC capability to continue certain selected activities after CUTIS ends eg. maintaining export portal, export training programs, etc.
  • Provide assistance in the selection of qualified and reputable suppliers of Project’s essential IT systems, programs and equipment.
  • Review and verify Project/Client IT requirements to ensure that all specified and/or inferred detail requirements including support are recognized and addressed in procurement documentation.
  • Assist the CUCC staff to resolve technical (i.e., IT) anomalies.
  • Monitor the progress of IT vendor contracts placed by the CUCC units to ensure compliance to the Project or office requirements and delivery on a timely basis.
  • Maintain/liaise with service providers eg. manufacturers, contractors and consultants.
  • Provide training to non-technical CUCC staff in the use and application of implemented programs and equipment.
  • Perform other duties as required.

Qualified candidates should send their resume to the CUTIS Etobicoke office ( as a pdf or Word doc by
Monday, February 19th 2018.