Dr. Artem Luhovy Elected New President of UNF-Montreal branch

UNF Montreal.

UNF Montreal’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held June 7, 2015, electing Dr. Artem Luhovy as new president for 2015-2016. Attending the Montreal AGM were national UNF president, Ihor Bardyn, and Slawko Borys, UNF National executive board member, who chaired the proceedings.

Outgoing president, Evhen Osidacz, was given a prolonged applause, in gratitude for his years of work and dedication in trying to revive the Montreal branch. Mr. Osidacz reported on UNF’s efforts to organize the archives and library of the Montreal branch, to continue to make the necessary renovations on the decades-old building, to continue supporting Montreal’s annual Ukrainian Festival, and other projects. One of the projects supported by UNF was a fundraiser by McGill Ukrainian Student’s Association for the Surgical Mission to Ukraine, which was a highly successful event.

During his report, Mr. Osidacz thanked the executive and other members for their hard work and endless dedication. Following Mr. Osidacz’s presentation, there was a detailed financial report which was prepared by the treasurer Adrian Kowryha and presented by Yarko Holowko.

A tense interaction unfolded between some of the new arrivals and the more established Ukrainian-Canadian members at the AGM. Efforts were made to explain how Robert’s Rule of Order is used at meetings. Mr. Bardyn explained to OYK members the need to formally address at their branch level, the new relationship between OYK and YHO, as mandated by the new UNF national constitution. The need to work together, respecting the ideals of past YHO founders was emphasized during the Meeting.

In his closing remarks, the newly elected president, Dr. Luhovy, outlined his vision for the development of the Montreal branch, discussed his priorities in the next months, ensuring that meetings are open, transparent and welcoming all suggestions for future projects. Dr. Luhovy, whose grandparents on his paternal and maternal side were active YHO/OYK members in Montreal (from the early 1950’s) and in Sudbury (from the middle 1930’s) and later in Winnipeg, brings with him new energy and a wealth of community and organizational experience.

Artem helped revive the Ukrainian Canadian University Students’ Union (SUSK); revived the McGill Ukrainian Students’ Association (MUSA); was active in Plast Montreal being awarded for leadership excellence; worked with Help Us Help the Children summer program in Ukraine, and was involved with other McGill student organizations prior to his recent graduation in Business Administration and Medicine.

The new executive for 2015-16 includes Evhen Osidacz, Adrian Kowryha, Volodymyr Zelenko, Yarko Holowko, Andrij Govorun and Halyna Dzula (as OYK rep.).

A small reception followed the YHO annual meeting with new ideas being shared by all.