Evhen Roman: The Vatican and The Russian Orthodox Church – an Unholy Alliance

Evhen Roman for New Pathway, Toronto.

The recent Papal interaction with the evil mongering Head of Russian Orthodox Church highlights that it is time for Ukrainians to call a time out and begin discussions to form a united Orthodox Church which is unrestricted from the unethical and inappropriate political machinations of the Vatican with the evil that the Russian Orthodox Church both sanctions and openly supports.

Two wrongs do not make a right. My grandfather, a Ukrainian Catholic priest, was forced to renounce his Ukrainian Catholic vows with a gun pointed at his head. Those, that did not, were massacred protecting the Catholic Church, by Kiril’s predecessors.

As a loyal Catholic all my 58 years, I am not disappointed by the actions of the Pontiff. I’ve grown accustomed to second class citizenship in a universal church that fussed about our married priesthood while too many of their priests were up to who knows what in their private lives.

Cardinal Slipyj was sold out by the Vatican in his time. We’ve been sold out in our time of great need for Ukraine.

Shame on the Vatican and it’s operatives for this betrayal and for getting in bed with Generallissimo Putin and his vassals.

All Catholics worldwide should be offended by the actions of the Pontiff and his staff in Cuba.

The straw that broke the camel’s back happened at an airport in Cuba. There is no turning back for Ukrainians now that we have been betrayed by a church that many of our people died to protect during Soviet times. Betrayal of those who have died for freedom from Russian oppression in the last 2 years while Russian Orthodox Church priests blessed the rockets and bombs that killed fellow Catholics and Christians in Eastern Ukraine.

The blood of those martyrs and those that have recently been persecuted in Crimea and Donbas by the Russian Orthodox Church and their agents was betrayed by our Vatican associates.

We forgive the Vatican for this most heinous trespass but we can never forget and our actions will by necessity change. The world should know what the true meaning of the recent event implies.