Glubish Eager to Reconnect with His Ukrainian Roots

    Nate Glubish

    NP-UN Western Bureau.

    Alberta’s new Services Minister wants to reconnect with his Ukrainian roots.

    “I’m certainly eager to connect with the Ukrainian community, both in my riding and across the province,” Nate Glubish told New Pathway – Ukrainian News.

    “And I think that would be a great opportunity to reconnect a bit with my heritage and maybe learn a bit more about the culture which I may have lost … being a few generations removed from that history, so please keep in touch,” he added.

    Glubish says his great grandparents immigrated to Canada from Ukraine, but he is not sure at what time and from where in Ukraine.

    He is one of two new ministers and three rookie MLAs that have been identified as being of Ukrainian origin. The other two are Health Minister Tyler Shandro and Fort Saskatchewan – Vegreville MLA Jackie Armstrong-Homeniuk. Five ethnic Ukrainian origin MLAs from the previous legislature have also been re-elected bringing the total number to eight at this time. New Pathway – Ukrainian News has yet to confirm other new MLAs who do not have Ukrainian surnames but are of ethnic Ukrainian origin as were eight of the 10 MLAs in the previous legislature.

    The mandate of Service Alberta. This organization is to provide information, licensing, and registry services to individuals and businesses in Alberta.

    But Glubish says it’s actually a very complex ministry which also deals with all the IT services for government and procurements, and also manages the entire fleet of government vehicles.

    “There’s a lot of moving pieces. It’s a very interesting ministry and I’m really looking forward to get an intimate understanding of all the intimate pieces,” he says.

    Glubish, who represents the constituency of Strathcona – Sherwood Park, is 37 years-old and celebrated his 10th marriage anniversary this past summer with his wife, Allison. Nate and Allison live in Sherwood Park, where Allison is a junior high teacher with Elk Island Public Schools.

    He was born in Edmonton and grew up in Saskatoon. Glubish completed his Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in Finance, at the University of Saskatchewan and then moved back to the Edmonton area in 2004 to start his career.

    He has dedicated his professional life to facilitating investment in Alberta technology companies. He began his career with Foundation Equity, an investment firm, where over eight years he rose to Partner and participated in the negotiation and success of more than $40 million in technology business investments.

    Glubish then spent four years at the Edmonton head office of NCSG Crane & Heavy Haul Services, where he managed their mergers & acquisitions efforts, investing over $150 million to buy eight companies and grow their operations across North America. These transactions generated significant interest from the Private Equity investment community, which resulted in the sale of a majority stake in NCSG to one of the largest Canadian private equity firms.

    He currently works for Vancouver-based Yaletown Partners, a Venture Capital fund, where he oversees investments into Alberta-based technology companies. Nate is passionate about helping Alberta companies to raise investment capital to commercialize innovative new technologies around the world.

    Glubish began his active involvement in the Conservative movement in his community when he volunteered for Garnett Genuis’ 2015 Federal Election Campaign for Sherwood Park – Fort Saskatchewan. He currently represents the riding federally for the Conservative Party of Canada.

    From 2016 – 2018, Nate served as the Conservative Party of Canada’s Financial Agent for the Sherwood Park – Fort Saskatchewan riding. In mid-2016, he was elected as the Wildrose Party Constituency President for Strathcona-Sherwood Park.

    Glubish concluded his term as President on April 16, 2018, and was nominated a United Conservative Party Candidate in June.