Mary Kuschnir’s Our Celebrations – Наші свята

Charita Holod for NP, Toronto.

Mary Kuschnir in her Our Celebrations Наші Свята shows her passion about the dynamic of the Ukrainian family as family is a link to our past and a bridge to the future.

Family is extremely important to Mary Kuschnir who is proud of her Ukrainian heritage. Mary Kuschnir ‘s ambition is to bring the significance of the many ancient traditions, spiritual customs and culinary delights into today’s family life. Her belief is that Ukrainian traditions give our children an appreciation of their heritage, and our unique cultural traditions brings them and their families many joyous Celebrations.

We need to continue conversations with our children about our families; to give them roots, an understanding of the richness of our faith, traditions, folklore, customs and even our myths, legends and superstitions.

This book started with a challenge – there is more to being Ukrainian than just enjoying our culinary traditions. Mary regards cooking an art, but all art requires knowing something about its background, purpose and respect for its ethnicity. Her recipes feature the customary foods made in a contemporary kitchen.

Ukrainian heritage is more than its culinary traditions; it is a medley of the arts, music, dancing, literature, architecture, politics, and religious convictions.

Our Celebrations Наші Свята legacy is to share the many nuances of family life with our next generation. Wholeheartedly we invite them to come together, to celebrate special holy days, spiritually observe the sacraments and revel in their special family festivities. We greet you with a warm hug and three kisses on your cheeks.

All proceeds of Our Celebrations go towards the Support the Toronto Branch of the Ukrainian Canadian Social Services.

Всі Дoходи Книги OUR CELEBRATIONS… Наші Свята iдуть на підтримку i допомогy Cycпiльній Службі Українцiв Канади, філiя Торонто.