Do not bring pork to Canada

    African Swine Fever is a highly contagious viral disease that affects pigs. So far, there is no treatment or vaccine against it. It causes high death rates in infected pigs and is currentlt ravaging parts of the world. Its severe strains kill almost 100 percent of infected pigs.

    Although the disease doesn’t pose any risk to humans it could have a huge impact. Travellers, farm workers or hunters who travel to countries infected with African swine fever could bring back contaminated food, clothing and equipment.

    An outbreak in Canada would have a massive economic impact on the country and the Canadian pork industry. If the disease appears in Canada, countries could ban imports of Canadian pork and cause billions in economic damage.

    When coming into Canada from a country, which is infected with African Swine Fever, please don’t carry animal or food products and wash all clothing and footwear prior to entering the country.

    If you return to Canada with food or animal products or have visited a farm while away be sure to let your Canadian border officer know. If you are not sure what to declare be sure to ask them.

    Many travellers don’t declare things like food or animal products or visiting a farm because they don’t know that these things can introduce devastating animal diseases.

    Wash or dispose of all clothing and footwear worn while travelling to a country that is infected with African Swine Fever prior to re-entering Canada. Travellers also must declare all animal and food products at the border. Neglecting to do so could result in monetary penalties of up to $1,300.

    Visitors who have visited a farm in an African Swine Fever infected country must not visit a farm in Canada for at least 14 days.

    Coming home from abroad? You may become a carrier for #AfricanSwineFever without knowing it. African Swine Fever can survive on everything you’re wearing, so wash all personal items upon arrival in Canada.


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