Prof. Volodymyr Serhijchuk Holodomor Presentation in Montreal

Prof. V. Serhijchuk (2nd row, center) with Rt. Rev. Dr. Ihor Kutash (back row, centre), Prof. Luba Zuk (front 4th from rt,), Prof. Roman Serbyn (front 3rd from rt) and members of UCC-Montreal and NTSh-Montreal executives at Montreal Holodomor presentation. Yurij Luhovy

Zorianna Hrycenko / Bohdanna Hawryliuk, UCC-Montreal.

To commemorate the 85th anniversary of the Holodomor-Genocide, the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC), Montreal Branch, hosted a talk, in Ukrainian, by Dr. Volodymyr Serhijchuk titled “Number of Victims in the Holodomor-Genocide 1932-33: archival documents and political versions. His presentation was held in co-operation with the Shevchenko Scientific Society (NTSh) of Montreal.

UCC-Montreal’s president, Rt. Rev. Dr. Ihor Kutash welcomed the guests, and introduced Dr. Serhijchuk, professor of history at the Kyiv National University of Taras Shevchenko, one of the most prominent researchers and author of numerous books on different aspects of Ukraine’s history . He was born in the village of Pryberezhny in the Zhytomyr region, which suffered in the famine-genocide.

In his Montreal presentation, Prof. Serhijchuk discussed his continuous efforts to study newly-located, previously unknown Soviet archival documents regarding the Famine-Genocide of 1932-1933 and demographic losses. Based on his current research in Ukraine, he raises concerns, for the need to properly assess total demographic losses of victims of the Famine-Genocide. Referring to new documents and providing numerous examples of victims unaccounted for, final statistics must incorporate current research. He discards the low estimate cited by some. He pointed out that Russia’s policy of destruction of the Ukrainian nation dates centuries with Moscow’s perpetual policies aimed at Russianizing all aspects of Ukrainian society.

Following a question and answer period, remarks by Prof. Roman Serbyn, a thank you was given by Prof. Luba Zuk, president of NTSh-Montreal commending Prof. Serhijchuk for his ongoing research shedding more light on one of the greatest human tragedies of the 20th century.

Prof. Serhijchuk’s presentation, held October 18 at the Ukrainian Youth Centre, included the launch of his recent book, available in English and in Ukrainian, titled “Genocide-Holodomor 1932-1933 of Ukrainians”. A wine and cheese reception, sponsored by the Ukrainian National Federation, Montreal branch, followed.

The following day he flew to Washington, concluding his North American speaking tour which began with his participation in the Holodomor Symposium at California State University Fresno October 5, and finally headed back to Kyiv where he will be taking part in the Holodomor International Forum, November 22-24.

Prof. Serhijchuk’s Montreal presentation, which will be put on-line, was filmed by Yurij Luhovy, assisted by Andrij Kostiv. An interview for the Montreal Saturday radio program “Ukrainian Time”, was conducted by UCC-Montreal president, Rt. Rev. Dr. Ihor Kutash.

UCC-Montreal will be hosting an upcoming talk by historian Dr. Stanislav Kulchytsky of Kyiv on the Holodomor, and on Saturday, November 24 the Montreal community will hold a “panakhyda” (memorial service) at St. Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral, coordinated by Bohdanna Hawryluk, chair of UCC Cultural-Educational Committee, and her team, marking the 85th anniversary of the Holodomor.