“Share your vision, Build our future” at UCC’s XXVI triennial congress

    New Pathway – Ukrainian News.

    Vision and future, such uplifting words shape the slogan of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress’ next triennial congress, scheduled in Ottawa for October 31 – November 3. UCC is calling on every Ukrainian Canadian to “Share your vision, Build our future” during the Congress. In the challenging times for Ukraine and globally, UCC will use the discussions at the Congress to try and understand how the Ukrainian Canadians can respond to those challenges, how they can support Ukraine and engage Ukrainian Canadians in the community life.

    After the Annual General Meetings of UCC member organizations, scheduled for Thursday, October 31, the Congress will carry on for three days with numerous panels, workshops and discussions that will touch upon the whole spectrum of Ukrainian Canadian and Ukraine-related issues.

    The first panel, on Friday, November 1, will consider the pivotal issue for all Ukrainian Canadians, what has changed in the Ukrainian Canadian Community in the last 20 years. Dr. Oleh Wolovyna, a professor at University of North Carolina, has done some analysis in terms of the Canadian census over that period of time which will give the Congress a base to think through who it needs to be looking towards, how to engage in the community life almost the 1.4 million people who identify themselves as Ukrainian Canadians.

    The Congress will consider different ways of including people into the community. There will be separate roundtables which will look at specific spheres like sports, educational programs, festivals, films, all the things that will help engage the unengaged. Various generations of Ukrainian Canadians will talk about their experiences in being involved in the Ukrainian community and their advice in terms of how to encourage more people to become part of that community.

    The Congress will also discuss what the Ukrainian Canadian community’s message should be to the Canadian government in terms of its relations with Ukraine. The delegates will talk about the issue of managing good government relations, developing national connections, will share their success stories.

    There will be speeches and workshops that will look into the situation in Ukraine. They will feature such prominent figures as Victor Hetmanczuk (President, Canada-Ukraine Foundation), Jurij Klufas (Executive Producer, KONTAKT Ukrainian Television), Marcus Kolga (filmmaker, journalist, communications strategist), the Honourable Raynell Andreychuk and Andriy Kulykov (co-founder of “Hromadske Radio”, Ukrainian journalist).

    There will be a number of important social events and gatherings during the congress and UCC would like to encourage everyone to come to these events. On Friday, November 1, everyone will be able to participate in the Ukrainian Night on Parliament Hill and meet senior Canadian politicians, talk to political leaders from Ukraine and socialize with the leadership of the Ukrainian Canadian community.

    On Saturday November 2, the Delta Hotel in downtown Ottawa will host a dinner and award ceremony for the Shevchenko medal, Leadership award and Youth award.

    The Congress emphasises the importance of attending these events for everyone regardless of their participation in Ukrainian Canadian organizations. Delegates from member organizations and guests can sign up and participate in panels, workshops and receptions. It is important for Ukrainian Canadian youth to attend the Congress – this is the place to see how activists work, how the decisions are made.

    UCC is grateful to all the sponsors and organizers who are making this congress possible.

    Visit the triennial Congress’ website, see how interesting the discussion topics are and sign up.