Shumka School of Dance puts on a kaleidoscope of colour and motion

Shumka School of Dance (Grade 8) performs Spring Dance

NP-UN Western Bureau.

Over 250 students from the Shumka School of Dance put on a kaleidoscope of colour and motion at their 2020 Winter Concert held at the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium, February 23.

Thirty one dances in total were performed by students who range from the age of three and up.

This included beginner steps, several regional dances as well as some innovative contemporary number from the advanced group.

Shumka School of Dance performs Advanced Contemporary Dance

Established in 1989, the Shumka School of Dance has trained thousands of young dancers and helped them achieve a broad dance-focused skill set, performance excellence, and a strong work ethic. With its family-like atmosphere, the School is a welcoming and safe place for youth to establish and achieve their artistic dreams. It is also a place where they are given the tools and the experience to become future community leaders and builders.

The School provides Ukrainian regional, character, Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D.) ballet, contemporary dance, and Shumka-style training to students from three years of age and up. Offering Canada’s only Ukrainian dance curriculum, dancers move through progressive levels of training, choreography and performance opportunities under high-level instruction. In addition, most of Shumka’s professional productions incorporate students from the School as support or leading characters. The primary goal of Shumka School is to engage young people from all ethnic backgrounds in the performing arts. Whether a child’s interest in dance is purely recreational or based on a desire to reach a professional level, Shumka School gives students a strong foundation upon which to build skills.

Shumka School of Dance (Grade 4) Sherwood Park Class

The School performs at community events including festivals, special events, and at-care facilities throughout the year. In addition to providing valuable on-stage experience for the dancers, it is an opportunity for them to give back to their community. Each year, students at Shumka School perform twice on the stage of the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium.

The School promotes active and healthy lifestyles and often serves as a career development tool for dance teachers and choreographers. Its popular Junior Instructor Program also trains future faculty while giving dedicated youth the ability to lead and inspire. Every summer, an array of Camp offerings provides training and educational opportunities for students from around the globe.

Advanced 1 Intensive Division and Advanced 2 Intensive Division, perform the Hopak

Currently more than 250 students are part of the Shumka School and its programs, many aspiring to be future members of the Ukrainian Shumka Dancers and to contribute to the ongoing presentation and development of the art form.