St. Michael’s Completes Kitchen Renovation

SMHG Board members in the new kitchen: Left to Right: Meletiy Snihurowych (Director); V. Rev. Mihajlo Planchak (Director); Ed Hladunewich (Chair); Stan Kobylko (Director); John Kopeck (CEO); Ed Gibbons V; Myron Borys (Director); Lubomyr Pastuszenko (Director); Orest Yusypchuk (Director); Lorraine Bodnarek (Director); Natalka Mitchell (Director); Luba Feduschak (Director). Photo: Marco Levytsky (Director)

NP-UN Western Bureau.

Members of the Board of Directors of St. Michael’s Health Group (SMHG) were given a tour of the renovated kitchen prior to their Board Meeting, May 15.

The new facilities will serve both the Extended Care Centre and the Millennium Pavilion supportive living building at this Ukrainian community faith-based complex, dedicated to the provision of wellness-focused holistic care and community services to all with love and dignity.

The construction project added a total of 3,000 square feet – 1,500 in the kitchen and 1,500 in the basement.

The total cost was approximately $2.8 million.

St. Michael’s CEO John Kopeck explained that the new kitchen will allow the staff to meet increased demands.

When St. Michael’s was founded 35 years ago, it was more of a supportive living facility and produced 300-400 meals a day.

Since then, with expansion of the facilities and care, over 1,000 meals a day are now required.

The renovation also allows St. Michael’s to offer meal service through its day support program, a more diverse menu and the ability to provide more nutritional options, Kopeck said.

“Additional freezer space and storage space has allowed us to stock fresh produce and other things that are better nutritional options. The quality of food is better because we have much more equipment and space to be able to offer a more diverse and nutritional menu,” he said.

Kopeck also noted that the new layout of the dining area will give families the space they need to spend together.

“There’s nothing more powerful than seeing family members spend time with residents,” he said.