Standing Ovation for “Recovery Room” at Concordia University

Film director Adriana Luhovy receiving the “One Woman Fearless” award (L) with Sylvie Monette at Montreal’s Concordia University. MML Inc

Denis But, CUSU President, Montreal.

A standing ovation for the feature documentary “Recovery Room” was given at the screening of the film at Concordia University’s John Molson Amphitheater. Organized by the Concordia Ukrainian University Students’ Union (CUSU), both film director Adriana Luhovy and producer-editor Yurij Luhovy were present. This screening was particularly special as both were graduates of Concordia University, Adriana Luhovy from Concordia’s Department of Communications Studies in media and cultural studies, and her father, Yurij Luhovy, from the Department of Cinematography when the university was called Sir George Williams before the university’s expansion and amalgamation of two Montreal university campus.

The film showing on April 23 was opened by CUSU president, Denis But. He introduced Adriana Luhovy who then welcomed the many friends in the audience. She thanked the community that supported the project and mentioned her pleasure to be back home on her university campus. In attendance were designer Don Royer, who helped with the “Recovery Room” booklet, Bernard Benninger of Montreal’s Fast Forward Studio where recordings of the voice-overs were made and Christine Mota who encouraged the project. Adriana Luhovy referred to her years as member of CUSU and the Ukrainian Canadian University Students’ Union (SUSK) in Montreal. Producer Yurij Luhovy spoke how proud it was to be back on his campus with a forty year career in the film industry, and collaborating with Adriana on the most recent film “Recovery Room”.

The continued impact of the multi-award documentary is captured in an interview conducted with Adriana Luhovy for an article about “Recovery Room” that appeared in Concordia University’s The Concordian, an independent university publication. The journal appeared both on-line April 19 and later mailed as hard copy to Concordia alumnae members. The Concordian, a publication which is a member of the Canadian University Press, provides the Concordia University community with information on university, national and local events.

Two days prior to the screening, the “One Woman Fearless” award was received by Adriana Luhovy for her work in serving and inspiring others, at Concordia University’s 2018 Montreal’s Women’s Summit Conference, with an introduction by Sylvie Monette.

Comments following the screening were “this film has affected so many people through its education and passion” and “an amazing film; so much intensity.”

The documentary was filmed at the Main Clinical Military Hospital in Kyiv, Ukraine. It is a story of hope, resilience and compassion in a time of war in eastern Ukraine. Ms. Luhovy was invited as photographer to be part of Canada’s Medical Missions, organized by Canada-Ukraine Foundation, providing humanitarian aid to wounded soldiers by Canadian and Ukrainian medical teams.

The documentary continues to be shown in various cities. For information about “Recovery Room” see the website. The trailer for the film could be found here. Join the “Recovery Room Facebook Page.