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Upbeat Doug Ford communicates optimistic picture to Ontario’s ethnic media

Yuri Bilinsky, New Pathway - Ukrainian News. Ontarians are now used to the serious-looking and even worried Premier Doug Ford who would speak about threats...

At Least 8 Ethnic Ukrainian-Origin MLAs Elected in Alberta

One newcomer descended from one of the first Ukrainians to arrive in Canada, another from the first Ukrainian elected to the Alberta Legislature. Marco Levytsky, NP-UN...

The View From Here: Hryts and the virus

Volodymyr Kish. I have been so preoccupied with coping with the COVID virus, that I neglected to keep in touch with my fount of practical...

Літературний ювілей – «Робінзонові Крузо» 300 років!

Оксана Бризгун-Соколик для Нового Шляху - Українських Вістей. Цього року літературний світ відзначає 300-ліття невмирущого Робінзона Крузо. Книга появилася 25-го квітня 1719 року в Лондоні,...

Reflections on Rushnychok at 50

Stefan Andrusiak, Special for NP-UN. Rushnychok met for the first time in 1969 at the intersection of Fairmount and Hutchison streets in Montreal. The Ukrainian...