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Дитяча сторінка: вірші Тараса Шевченка для дітей

Вперше збірку творів Тараса Григоровича Шевченка, укладену цілковито для дітей, було видано в Україні у 1891 році, під назвою "Кобзар: книга для дітей". Це...

Donald Sadoway’s Ambri on Course to Start Transforming Global Energy Next Year

Yuri Bilinsky, New Pathway - Ukrainian News. In the quest to remove the stumbling block for full-blown development of renewable energy, the problem of durable...

47th Annual Shchedry Vechir unites generations

Lidia M. Wasylyn for New Pathway - Ukrainian News. The Board of Directors of the Ukrainian Youth Unity Complex in Edmonton, known at the Domivka,...

New Westminster Eparch Ken transferred to UK Edmonton

Eparch David to take over as Apostolic Administrator until new Bishop consecrated Marco Levytsky, NP-UN Western Bureau Chief. Pope Francis on January 15 appointed Bishop Kenneth...

M-C Dairy signs expansion contract with a Polish dairy equipment engineering firm

Kateryna Bandura, New Pathway - Ukrainian News. Canadian company M-C Dairy has signed a business expansion contract with a Polish company Infis. On Monday, December 23,...