The 50th Ukrainian Music Festival in Toronto 2020

    The pandemic will not stop The Music Festival!

    In December 2020 we will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Marta Krawciw-Barabash Ukrainian Music Festival. I am certain that Professor Marta Krawciw would have never imagined the Festival as it will proceed this year.

    The Festival will be held in December, as it has been for several years.

    In this challenging year, however, not exactly as we had hoped. We still intend to have a memorable and celebratory affair.

    It will be not only a memorable but also very unique! We have adjusted to the reality of a global pandemic, and are adhering to all the health and distancing rules. Our dedicated volunteers and our talented students and teachers are ready for the challenge!

    The 50th UMF is going Virtual!

    As in previous years, the requirement is that only music of Ukrainian composers be performed. Students perform on various instruments – piano, violin, bandura, voice and others. Adjudicators will provide written evaluations and many donors have come forward to donate scholarship awards to the best performances.

    Please register online or by mail before the end of November. Registration confirmation will be sent. Fee is $20 per application.

    For detailed instructions please go to:

    Video uploads of performances are due by December 11, 2020.

    Festival will culminate with Concert of Finalists which will be available on line.

    It will be very exciting! Something like this has never been done before.

    Please register and participate!