The “Ptashka” that laid the Golden Egg

We rejoice when we find a post card in our mailbox, because someone remembered us and took their time to write about their love or respect for us. There is such a wide variety of post cards on sale that it’s not always easy to choose just the right one that matches to your taste and mood. But there are postcards that you don’t think twice about buying and sending to those you love and respect. Tanya Mykytiuk and her Ptashka offer exactly this kind of postcards.

To anyone who is dreaming about their own business, Tanya’s advice is to go ahead and try, but first to think it over well. She knows from her own experience that it is difficult at the beginning. But, at the same time, if you do not try, you will never know how gratifying and rewarding a business can be for you, your family and many other people. If you do not start your own business, you will never discover what you could have achieved.

Tanya Mykytiuk and her parents were born in Canada but the family has always remembered and respected their Ukrainian roots. Tanya went to the Ukrainian St. Demetrius and Lesya Ukrayinka schools, was a member of the youth organization CYM and of the Arkan Dance Company. It was in Arkan, where she met her future husband Markian. After high school, she attended Ryerson University where she studied Graphic Communications Management. Upon graduation, Tanya worked in printing and marketing.

Having been raised in the Ukrainian spirit, Tanya is bringing up her two sons, Simon, 7, and Danylo, 3, in the same spirit: they are learning Ukrainian dance and Simon goes to Ukrainian school. When Danylo was born, Tanya decided to work from home and picked a line of business she knows and likes: printing and design. This is how Ptashka, her graphic design business, was born.

Ptashka’s major line of business is making postcards. The postcards are in constant demand and Tanya loves making them. Many of her postcards have Ukrainian motifs.

“At Ptashka, I combine my ethnic identity with my love of modern design,” says Tanya.

Her other passion and line of business is graphic design of posters and other materials. She designed the poster for the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus concert co-starring Ruslana and she does designs for the Ukrainian Canadian Museum (Ontario branch) based at St. Vladimir Institute, Ukrainian Canadian Congress Alberta branch, and Alberta Council for the Ukrainian Arts. Tanya especially likes working with young Ukrainian Canadian artists who she singles out into a special artistic category.

Among Tanya’s most memorable works is the window display for the St. Vladimir Institute dedicated to the Heavenly Hundred. It was planned to be displayed for two months only but the Institute left it in place for the whole year as so many people liked it and would come inside to see it in detail. Tanya’s assignment to design her friend Lesya Chytra’s historical fiction book “Tarnished” about her grandmother’s life was particularly inspirational and truly creative. Ptashka also does giclée – highest quality digital prints which guarantee preservation of historic printed materials.

Tanya says that the idea to start Ptashka was quite spontaneous. The Ukrainian Canadian Museum turned to Tanya to design their Christmas Bazaar card. The card was sold out even before the event.

A mother of two sons, Tanya is, of course, interested in the children’s themes – she designs and prints Alphabet books which enjoy strong demand too.

Tanya Mykytiuk sells her art through her online store which gets orders from Americas, Europe and even Australia. She also sells it at Ukrainian stores and festivals throughout Canada. You can find about Ptashka’s news and projects at

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