Trump Election Victory and the Markets: Take 2

We wrote on Wednesday how the U.S. stock market, after some initial scare and sell-off after Donald Trump’s victory, eventually sobered up. At the close of trading on Wednesday November 9, the Dow Jones Industrial Average index rose by 1.4%, which was followed on by another 1.2% rise on Thursday. The Nasdaq, on the other hand, was weaker over the past couple of days. The market is remaining inherently optimistic about improved economic growth domestically. This echoes the words of Warren Buffet which he spoke on Friday: “The stock market will be higher… and it would have been with Hillary, and it … will be with Trump.”

Since Tuesday, the strongest Trump effect has been evident in the infrastructure sector stocks as the President-elect’s stimulus plan focused on infrastructure investment could be in the range of US$1 trillion in total over the next several years. Such infrastructure stocks as Vulcan Materials Company (Symbol: VMC) and Martin Marietta Materials, Inc. (Symbol: MLM) rose by 14%-16% on Wednesday-Thursday. Copper, an essential metal for any construction project, was up by almost 12% over this period.

The Mexican peso remains the most vivid market loser since Trump’s win. It weakened sharply from 18.3 pesos per US dollar before the election to more than 21 pesos per US dollar currently. Trump’s threat to abolish NAFTA is the catalyst for this weakness.

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