UCC Alberta Provincial Council supports foodbanks


    Coronavirus has touched the lives of everyone in many ways. Some have been impacted more than others. Easter is a time to celebrate life but without food there is no life. This Easter weekend the Ukrainian Canadian Congress Alberta Provincial Council collected over 500 kgs of food for the Foodbank to help support those in need.

    Дякуємо українській громаді за підтримку! Ми змогли допомогти тим людям, які потребують їжі в цей великодній час. Особлива подяка тим волонтерам, які в суботу допомагали збирати харчі та продукти.

    Thank you to our Ukrainian community members and organizations for your very generous support for rural Alberta foodbanks where first Ukrainian immigrants settled in 1890s.

    It was a pleasure to work in cooperation with MLA Jackie Armstrong-Homeniuk. We would like to thank the following organizations for their financial support to purchase food: UCSS Edmonton Branch, UNF Edmonton branch, UWOC, Edmonton Society.