UCC Niagara Scholarship Awards

Irene Schumylo-Newton for New Pathway, President UCC-Niagara.

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress Niagara Branch recently received an endowment fund from the estate of Dr. Jaroslaw Czerevko, who passed away in 2010. This fund came through the Niagara Community Foundation chaired by Ms. Liz Palmieri. Dr. Czerevko’s wish was to use the money to enrich and support local Ukrainian arts, culture, music, religious programs and promote youth involvement within the Ukrainian community. UCC Niagara has created a scholarship fund in memory of Dr. Czerevko, and this summer awarded 6 scholarships worth $2000 each to 6 high school students in the Niagara Region, who are of Ukrainian heritage, and will be continuing their studies at college or university.

These six students, chosen out of 12 applicants, displayed high achievement, taken leadership roles in their schools, and volunteered in charitable organizations and youth groups either within or outside of the Ukrainian community. The six students were presented with a cheque and a certificate of achievement by UCC president, Irene Schumylo-Newton, and Liz Palmieri.

A presentation and reception was held for these students, their families, and the local community on June 28, at St. John Ukrainian Activity Centre, with local press coverage. The six students are Max Fedchyshak, Marta Waszak, Daniel Stret, Savannah Prokopetz, Nestor Nebesio, and Nikki Yewman. Our congratulations to them and their families.