Ukrainian Nantional Federation Ottawa-Gatineau branch 2020 Annual General Meeting

    UNF Ottawa-Gatineau branch 2020 AGM attendees

    Vilyen Pidgornyy, External Communications Officer.

    On January 23, 2020 the Ottawa-Gatineau branch of the Ukrainian National Federation of Canada (UNF O-G) has had its tenth Annual General Meeting (AGM). With over 60 people including 30 members attending this year’s AGM the organization recognized 2019 achievements, voted on the new president as well as the executive team and introduced Dr. Yury Boshyk, CEO and Chairman of Global Executive Learning as a guest speaker.

    The meeting was opened and facilitated by Borys Gengalo, Ukrainian Canadian Congress Ottawa president who welcomed special quest Taras Pidzamecky, President and CEO of Ukrainian Credit Union, who served as the UNF National President in the past.

    Following the opening ceremony and the introduction Anatoliy Shatkovskyy, UNF O-G president of two years has welcomed the guests and speakers of the event and moved a motion to approve the 2019 Annual General Meeting minutes, which was seconded by Olya Moscicky and unanimously approved. The president, the treasurer, the secretary and chief fundraising officer, and the membership officer have then provided their reports which included the following highlights: 12 events that covered diverse topics and interests, 13 new organization members, new membership fee policy. The reports also included the Audit Committee Report.

    During the event two UNF O-G members received certificates of recognition (hramota), namely: Irena Bell for her many years of work for the Ukrainian Canadian community and Anatoliy Shatkovskyy recognizing his efforts as President of UNF O-G for the past two years.

    The nominated slate of officers for the 2020 UNF Ottawa-Gatineau Executive Board included Simon Sulyma for president, Pavlo Kucher for vice-president and UCC representative, Katie Wyslocky for treasurer, Christina Levus for secretary, Oleksandr Shvets for membership officer, Vilyen Pidgornyy for external communications officer and UCC alternate, and Jenny Scherbenyuk for student liaison. This year’s UNF O-G Executive Board also included five members-at-large: Melania Buba, Paul Migus, Vicki Karpiak, Olya Moscicky and Svitlana Shumska increasing the total number of executive members to 12.

    Following the remarks of the Ukrainian Credit Union CEO, Taras Pidzamecky who reiterated UCU’s support for UNF O-G and the Ukrainian Canadian community, Paul Migus took floor to introduce Dr. Yury Boshyk – keynote speaker of the evening. A world authority, author and executive mentor to CEOs Dr. Boshyk provided his insights and experiences on the knowledge economy, economic trends, innovation, culture change, personal leadership and development weaving the the sophisticated terms and ideas into a fascinating story of what the future may look like.

    The Ukrainian National Federation Ottawa-Gatineau branch Annual General Meeting was concluded with the announcement of the votes of 30 members who unanimously elected 2020 UNF O-G Executive Board.

    The Ukrainian National Federation of Canada is a pan-Canadian cultural and non-for-profit organization of Ukrainian Canadians with head office in Toronto, Ontario. It was created in 1932 from a merger of three existing groups: the Ukrainian War Veterans’ Association of Canada, the Organization of Ukrainian Women of Canada and the Ukrainian National Youth Federation of Canada with an objective to help Ukrainian Canadians through the trials and tribulations afflicting the community in the aftermath of The Great Depression.