Ukrainian Women’s Organization – Toronto helps restore icons in Lviv

Restored icon “Spas Nerukotvornyj”

Ukrainian Women’s Organization of Canada, Toronto Branch.

The National Museum in Lviv, named after Andrey Sheptycky, has the largest collection of Ukrainian icons in the world. The most important ones are on display in the exhibit halls of the Museum on Prospect Svobody. A large number have been secretly stored during the communist regime in underground areas where there was too much humidity and mould. These icons needed restoration and suitable storage.

The icon which Ukrainian Women’s Organization of Canada – Toronto Branch members chose to restore was neglected for years and needed attention. It is a great example of an old folk icon of Halychyna. This icon is called “Spas Nerukotvornyj.” The original was not painted by hand but it was imprinted on a scarf after Veronika wiped Christ’s face.

The restoration group were very pleased the Ukrainian Women’s Organization in Canada sponsored their meticulous, time consuming, rewarding work. Ukrainian Women’s Organization of Canada – Toronto Branch sincerely thanks our member Chrystia Curkowskyj for overseeing this project on our behalf.