Vegreville Ukrainian Bilingual Program Class Puts On a Show for U of A Ukrainian Language Students

    In front of the Arts Building at U of A

    Ukrainian Language Education Centre, Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies.

    On 8 April, 2019, the grade 6 class of the Ukrainian Bilingual Program at A. L. Horton Elementary School in Vegreville visited the University of Alberta.

    They attended a Ukrainian language class, practiced communicating with the U of A students studying Ukrainian, and practiced their Ukrainian language skills by participating in various class activities. Afterwards, the faculty and students were treated to a surprise, as the visiting children put on an impromptu show for their university hosts…

    We asked Murray Howell, Vegreville’s Ukrainian Bilingual Program grade 6 teacher, to share the “secret to success” of the schoolchildren in their performance:

    “Our bilingual program students have the opportunity not only to learn the Ukrainian language but also to study Ukrainian traditions and immerse themselves in Ukrainian culture. In addition, we encourage them whenever possible to demonstrate their knowledge and skills during events like our visit today,” he said.

    We asked Taneen Rudyk, the mother of one of the Vegreville schoolchildren, “What motivates parents to sign their children up for the Ukrainian bilingual program at A. L. Horton School?”

    “I personally have no Ukrainian roots, but I signed up my children for the Ukrainian program because I wanted them to be bilingual,” she noted.