Yuri Vitkovitskyy and XPERT Auto GLASS Inc.

Yuri Vitkovitskyy, the owner of X-PERT Auto Glass, is a native of the village of Nyzhniy Bereziv, Kosiv district, Ivano-Frankivsk region. After high school, he graduated from the veterinary college in Rohatyn and never thought that he would be involved in a business that has nothing to do with the education he received in Ukraine.

“Should I buy a new windshield or just repair it?” – every thrifty motorist, with an unexpected chip in the windshield, faces this dilemma. Although many vehicle owners consider windshield repairs useless and costly, this is far from the truth. According to the laws of physics, cracked glass sparkles and therefore can dazzle the driver which can be very dangerous on the road. It is also well known that cracks, even the smallest ones, have a tendency to spread. In any case, one needs to do something about the damaged windshield, and it does not always mean replacing it. It is easier and cheaper to repair it.

Vitkovitskyy arrived in Canada in 1991. It took him a bit of time to get used to the new place, look around, see what opportunities abounded. Like most immigrants, he tried various lines of work. Eventually, he joined the windshield repairs firm Speedy Glass, and after that worked for a few others in the same industry. Yuri eventually acquired considerable experience in glass repairs and, in 2002, he started his own business. He never had any regrets – he considers working for himself interesting and pleasant.

At first, he turned to several Ukrainian companies he knew which are engaged in car and truck repairs and have their own garages.

“I still work with most of the companies I connected with at the beginning and they form the foundation of my business,” says Vitkovskiy. Now however, X-PERT Auto Glass is known far beyond the Ukrainian community. Among its major clients are such companies as CARAVAN Group of Companies, Ontario Chrysler, Lemko Trans Ltd. and GLF Transportation Ltd.

X-PERT Auto Glass prides itself on a high level of service and will go to wherever its customers are located. This is very convenient, especially when heavy trucks are involved. Vitkovitskyy does the repairs himself with the help of an assistant. X-PERT Auto Glass serves all the GTA and sometimes beyond. Over the years, Vitkovitskyy has won a good reputation and X-PERT Auto Glass is steadily maintaining its high brand recognition by ensuring quality auto glass repairs.

Vitkovitskyy accepts orders only when confident that he will be able to provide the best quality. So far, he’s been able to deliver on his promises. No wonder the company has many permanent customers. Yuri gets a lot of joy and inspiration from his work, he uses a very simple and clear principle – to do his job on time and according to the highest quality standards.

To those who want to start their own business, but have their hesitations, Vitkovitskyy’s message is: “You have to try, because the longer you think, the more difficult it gets to take the first step. They say ‘fear has big eyes’, but there is another proverb – ‘the eyes are afraid, but the hands are doing the work’. So, get to work! You need to be persistent and overcome difficulties (they are usual when you do your own business) to reach what you want. The main thing is to know clearly where you are heading.”

Vitkovitskyy and his wife Victoria, who actively helps his husband in the business, are raising two sons, Andriy (15 years) and Yurchyk (12 years), in the Ukrainian spirit. The boys are involved in a Ukrainian dance group and in the Karpaty football club. The family attends a Ukrainian church and various community events.

Yuri manages to successfully combine community involvement (he is deputy head of the hunting and fishing club “Berkut”) and his old hobby, fishing and hunting. Yuri prefers energetic leisure activities in the outdoors where he can chop firewood or ride a snowmobile.

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